Principles of Business Ethics for the Gas Compression Industry
Adherence to sound Business Ethics principles is an important cornerstone of most successful companies and individuals in the Gas Compression Industry. Many companies have statements and policies that establish ethical practices and conduct for their employees, yet formal training in business ethics tends to be very limited and often non-existent. As a result, companies and individuals alike may have widely divergent opinions of what constitutes acceptable ethical practices and behaviors. Accordingly, many states have made ethics training a continuing education requirement for the renewal of PE licenses. This course will present an overview of sound business ethics principles and conduct, especially as pertinent to the Gas Compression Industry from upstream through midstream. Presented by experienced industry business leaders, the training will include numerous case studies and real experiences that reinforce the subject matter. A short test will be administered at the conclusion of the course to help each participant validate their grasp of the principles and their application.
Price: 195.00