Use of Oil-Flooded Single Screw Compressors for Hydrogen and Other Gases in a 75000 BPD Refinery - Package Designs, Bearing Technology and Practical Experiences
As part of the work to boost production, enhanced performance and enabled adherence to new environmental standards, the Lion Oil Refinery, together with SCFM, has devised 10 new compressor packages each equipped with an electrically driven single screw oil-flooded scre compressor. These compressors handle, for example, hydrogen-rich process gases as used in the treating of high-sulfur crude oil to ultra-low sulfur gasoline and diesel fuels and in vapor recovery. The single screw compressor design was selected based on its high flexibility in pressure, pressure ratio and flow rates and requirement of simple support and maintenance structures, which made them an attractive choice as compared to conventional installations, e.g. with recips. The general design aspects of these types of single screw compressor packages will be covered. To ensure high reliability and availability of the compressors, the rolling bearing systems were systematically equipped with state-of-the-art bearings for process gas service. Consequently, bearings with rings in a newly introduced high fatigue and corrosion resistant bearing steel, ceramic rolling elements and glass fiber reinforced polymeric PEEK cages were introduced over a time period. A summary will be given that includes the various steps in the implementation of the new bearing systems in the compressors, practical experiences and the significant increases in reliability.
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