Equipment Health Condition Assessment: Utilizing Available Technologies to Depict the Current and the True State of Individual Compressor Units
More often than not, decisions are made to perform maintenance on engines based on a single-source and sometimes unreliable sources of data produced by many different and separate functions throughout an organization. Sometimes with experts and, more often than not, with amateurs. With all the data that is available, a process needs to be in place that will allow appropriate and effective analysis of this data, collection of this data and discussion of this data with appropriate decisions and recommendations coming from the analysis of this data. Very often, evaluation of single source data may not indicate the severity of an issue or that an underlying chronic issue may exist. With new on line monitoring systems, live data can be evaluated and trended instantaneously. Algorithms can be written to notify appropriate parties on absolute parameters being reached and also on increasing and decreasing trends. With abundant data from all of these resources, proper organization is paramount to utilize this data to make the most appropriate maintenance and repair recommendations. It is also necessary to get the complete picture of equipment health. We must rely on tools that will describe the machine’s health. We will discuss the logistics and technical requirements needed to organize and report the data from several sources to effectively describe our equipment health. We will demonstrate how we schedule maintenance and make equipment recommendations using both real time data and periodically collected data.
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