Low Emissions Retrofit Experience Clark HLA-8S
The advent of the Clean Air Act and subsequent amendments has spurred the development of many new technologies and generated the opportunity for many heretofore competitors in the market place to become allies in order to support customers in an ever-increasing number of ways. This paper details the results o one such collaborative effort as it relates to the retrofit of six Clark HLA-8 piston scavenged engines. The successful implementation of this project was the result of a concerted effort by the customer and numerous vendors providing equipment and services. The project is discussed in detail from the development of concept to final emissions testing. Included is a discussion of general planning, logistical, control, auxiliary systems, and site specific challenges and achievements leading to the completion of this low emissions retrofit project. Somewhat unique to this project is that not only were emissions and horsepower mapped in order to optimize control, but the turbocharger was also mapped to precisely determine efficiency and air flow. This information will be used to monitor turbo performance in the future.
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