User Experience with Actively Controlled Variable Inactivation (Hydrocom) Valve for Unit Loading
As originally designed, the Hydrocom system was planned as a capacity control device for processing plant applications. However, with a feedback loop controller, the device allows a compressor unit to be run at a specified load at all times. In the case of a mainline station, we should be able to maintain 100% load over all conditions and pump more gas. Typically, load control is accomplished with pockets that create discrete load changes of 5% or so. In the Tennessee Gas Pipeline system, we do not operate our units above 100% load. When a unit exceeds 100%, a pocket is opened which may drive load down to 95%. Historically, there are costs associated with deactivation. In this case, there is some trade off between the ability to maintain load and losses associated with partial deactivation. This is the first application of this technology to gas transmission, and this paper will detail the setup and installation of the device. The measured benefits and costs of operation in terms of compressor performance and ultimate unit loading.
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