Virtual Pipeline System Testbed for Non-Thermal Transient Simulation
A review of project titled “Virtual Pipeline System Testbed (VPST) to Optimize the U.S. Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline System” is presented in this paper. The goal of this project was to develop a Virtual Pipeline System Testbed (VPST) for natural gas transmission. This testbed simulates compressor stations, the pipe that connects these compressor stations, the supply sources, and the end-user demand markets. The compressor station was described by identifying the make, model, and number of engines, gas turbines, and compressors (centrifugal and reciprocating) that the station is comprised, System operators and engineers are able to analyze the impact of system changes on the dynamic deliverability of gas and on the environment. For example, the users of the virtual pipeline system are able to drill down into a compressor station to describe that compressor station with a high degree of detail. The VPST also includes optimization algorithms to identify the most reliable and lowest cost path to deliver natural gas to the costumer.
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