Performance Control of Reciprocating Compressors: Devices for Managing Load & Flow 2005
Course participants will be empowered with a fundamental knowledge for understanding the various types of unloading and capacity control devices, the ability to evaluate and compare individual product features, and the skills to identify methods and equipment for modifying and optimizing compressor performance relative to needs and budgets. Useful, objective comparisons between the various performance control devices are detailed, as well as summarized via provided quick-reference charts. In addition, this course will present, discuss, and provide technical overviews of the following: how devices operate and actuate, advantages and disadvantages, performance considerations, maintenance issues, operational limitations, practical applicability, and economic evaluation model. Upon course completion, attendees will be able to identify the best possible means to achieve optimum performance control for current, reapplied and new reciprocating compressors. Furthermore, participants will gain valuable knowledge that can be readily implemented when considering all of the economic factors affecting a company’s return on investment.
Price: 195.00