HPFiTM Retrofit Installation Package for Miller Cycle Derivative Large Bore Engines
Focus on improved engine performance and new emissions regulations have brought higher BMEP, slow speed, large-bore, natural gas fired engines to the forefront for the next level of high-pressure fuel injection installations. Many of these higher BMEP engines operate on a derivative of an “over-expanded cycle” or “Miller Cycle” combustion process. Extending, or “over-expanding”, the expansion stroke of the combustion in relation to the intake even enhance engine fuel efficiency and performance. These performance improvements are typically at the expense of NOx emissions levels, which can reach levels in excess of 20 grams/bhp-hr. The majority of engines operating on a “Miller Cycle” approach are four-stroke class engines, with the exception of the Worthington ML line of two-stroke, uni-fow engines. While four-stroke engines have benefited from the use of exhaust gas catalytic converters and air/fuel ratio controllers with greater success than two-stroke’s resultant fuel performance, maintenance costs, and variations in exhaust temperatures limit the overall effectiveness of classic emissions reduction technologies. Implementation of high-pressure fuel injection technology on engines operating with an “over-expanded” combustion cycle has proven effective in reducing criteria pollutants emissions levels while maintaining overall engine performance. Evaluation of improved operation and performance is based upon the Nordberg FSE engines, Ingersoll-Rand KVR-KVT engine series, and Worthington ML and UTC engine series. Additional information had been obtained from the Ingersoll-Rand KVS engine series, Cooper-Bessemer LSV series engine, and Nordberg FSE series engines. Designs were based on KVR/KVT cylinder heads, both the DT and FT style cylinder heads for the KVS series engine, LSV-SG cylinder heads for the LSC series engine, and the FSE 1316 cylinder head design for the FSE series engines. All designs show unique differences in layout, design and installation. Design, de
Price: 195.00