Field Application of Micro-Liter Diesel Pilot Ignition to a Worthington SUTC Large Bore Natural Gas Engine
This paper describes the implementation of a retrofit micro-liter diesel pilot ignition system on a Worthington SUTC two-stroke cycle natural gas engine located in a natural gas compressor station. The engine is uniflow scavenged and has a 16” (41 cm) bore and a 16” (41 cm) stroke. It operates at 300 rpm with a nominal load of 2500 hp. The pilot fuel injectors are installed in a liquid cooled adapter mounted in a spark plug hole. The engine is equipped with dual-spark plug heads. One spark plug port is used for the pilot injector and the other contains a spark plug used to start the engine. A high pressure, common-rail, diesel fuel delivery system is employed and customizable power electronics control the current signal to the pilot injectors. Pollutant emissions and fuel consumption are measured before and after pilot ignition system installation.
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