Development of a Surge Control Guideline & Surge Testing Considerations
Under the 2007 GMRC Program, Southwest Research Institute developed an application guideline to be used in the design and selection of centrifugal compressor surge control systems. A surge control system should function to protect the compressor from surge during start-up, normal process control and shutdown. The shutdown process includes both controlled and emergency (ESD) events. As a common reference for users, surge control system designers, and compressor manufacturers, the guideline is intended to provide a common reference on selection of system components and design for functionality in three distinct operating environments. The guideline enhances the understanding of surge control system design to improve performance and reduce unnecessary cost. This paper will discuss the key points of the surge control guideline as well as the recommended design criteria which provide a means of determining if the surge control system will meet expectations. The paper also discusses recent testing at the SwRI Metering Research Facility to develop a set of compressor surge data. In addition, an experimental methodology for surge testing is presented as a part of the GMRC 2008 Research Program that seeks to complement the surge control system guideline. Results from the surge testing may be utilized to verify recommendations of the guideline.
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