Who Moved My Knowledge?
The natural gas industry, whether gathering, midstream, transmission or local distribution, faces many challenges in today’s market place. Growing demand, increasing price, an aging infrastructure and arapidly retiring workforce, among other pressures, are all converging to form an operating environmentnot previously experienced by this or many other industries. As daunting as the challenges are in and of themselves, the combined impact on operations will serve to redefine how the natural gas industry operates in the future. Meeting these complex challenges requires new thought processes and approaches to capture, facilitate and deploy the unique knowledge inherent in the industry’s workforce.Training is but one step in the devolution of knowledge. Ensuring that knowledge is kept whole, further developed and readily deployed requires imbedding the necessary tools throughout the industry’s operating infrastructure from end-devices to intuitive, interactive user interfaces. The tools to capture and deploy knowledge exist today as in no other time in history. Deployment, however, requires a paradigm shift in the way that knowledge is viewed. Gone are the days of power in knowledge; we now operate n a world wrought with acute economic pressures where the true power comes in the sharing, facilitation andexpansion of knowledge. This paper will explore the potential impact of increasing demand, an aging infrastructure and demographics on the knowledge equation within the natural gas industry. Specifically,the paper will offer ideas and suggested guidelines to help facilitate the transition to a knowledge based infrastructure.
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