Working Sideways: Using Emissions Modeling & Controls to Solve Operational Problems (A Case Study)
Questar Pipeline Company operates 5 KVSR units at their storage facility in eastern Utah. These unit shave proven to be a handful operationally with frequent and substantial failure of power side components,including not only the common scored cylinder, stuck ring and wrist pin failure but also broken cylinder bolts, cracked heads and damaged blocks. An investigation noted that there were issues with oil and water temperature control, air manifold temperature control, a complete lack of any air manifold pressure control and frequent detonation. A basic site evaluation and mapping program were undertaken to determine the operational state of the existing installation. The result of this study showed that theengines needed more air, a way to control the air during off-peak operation and a control strategy that treated the unit as one larger inter-related system. An installation was designed that insured the units were operated with ample operational margin. The solution included turbocharger upgrades, an airbypass valve, new high energy ignition systems, a re-design of the cooling system loops and controls upgrades ensure optimum performance throughout the operating envelope.
Price: 195.00