Evaluation of Compressor Valve Field Test Results Using Uncertainty Analysis
This paper discusses the effect of using uncertainty analysis to evaluate compressor valve test results. Often compressor valve test results are viewed as a hard-fast number, when in reality, the number should be viewed as a number with an uncertainty band around it. Viewing results in this manner will help reduce the time evaluating why results differ from each other when they may, in fact, be within the same uncertainty band. Measurement uncertainty is an item that engineers face when setting up and collecting data from equipment tests. A few of the questions that need to be answered are: How much accuracy do I need? What instrument has the most impact on the results I am trying to calculate? Do I have installation or set-up errors in the way I am collecting data? Uncertainty analysis plays a role in all of these questions. In fact, uncertainty analysis will tell you how confident you should be in the results obtained from the test.
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