Emissions Compliance Monitoring Options for Mid-Range Industrial Gas Turbines
Emissions compliance monitoring requirements for mid-range industrial gas turbines vary significantly by application and geography. The monitoring requirements for any particular installation can be driven by local and/or federal New Source Review (NSR) requirements, Title V permit conditions, New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) requirements, and/or site specific negotiated requirements that aren’t based in regulation. While NOx (oxides of nitrogen) is typically the primary pollutant of concern, other pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter PM10), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are sometimes monitored as well. Emissions compliance monitoring requirements for industrial gas turbines range from no monitoring to the other extreme of a multi-pollutant Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMs). This paper will discuss the pros and cons of various emissions monitoring options for mid-range industrial gas turbines including CEMs, Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMs), parametric or parameter monitoring, portable analyzers, and periodic source testing. Challenging operating conditions such as low load and cold ambient temperatures will be addressed. The paper will also summarize first cost and annual operating cost estimates of each option.
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