Next Generation Dry Low NOx for Gas Turbines
Since the early 90's, nearly every gas turbine manufacturer has introduced a low emissions gas turbine product line based on lean-premix or dry-low- NOx (DLN) combustion. NOx emission levels achievable by the “1st Generation of DLN” or “early DLN” generally range from 25 to 42 ppm on gas fuel. To meet the need for lower NOx, gas turbine manufacturers are in the midst of development work that will result in the commercial introduction of the next generation of DLN products. The next generation of DLN, for several manufacturers, includes the implementation/commercialization of advanced combustor liner technology and fuel injector development programs. This paper will explore the next generation of DLN technologies and product enhancements that affect emissions. The paper will also present several case studies of field demonstration and commercial units employing the enhanced DLN systems.
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