Investigation of the Performance of a Re-Aeroed Turbocharger on Unit 9A at El Paso’s Station 32 & The Development of a Predictive Waste Gate Model
This paper presents a follow-up study on the ability to turbocharge low-BMEP two-stroke cycle engines. A Worthington LTC twostroke cycle engine was upgraded with a re-aeroed turbocharger to provide additional waste gate margin at high ambient temperatures and at degraded turbocharger performance. The paper describes the engineering and diagnostic tools that were used, including engine modeling software and historical turbocharger performance data, to ultimately design and commission the re-aeroed turbocharger. The paper includes data collected prior to and after the upgrade. One of the key performance indicators was the forecasted waste gate margin before and after the upgrade at various ambient temperatures. The authors show that by using engineering models and key performance data, a performance matrix modeling the excess turbine power at different ambient conditions and engine operating parameters could be created. This information was then used to determine the necessary turbocharger performance parameters. This paper will investigate the modeling process and discuss the results used to evaluate the turbochargers ability to effectively increase the waste gate margin.
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