Suggestions for Career Enhancement 2014
Virtually all engineers and technical individuals are very capable in their disciplines but to advance, they must compete in a strong, competitive, and crowded environment. The Mechanical Engineers are brilliant. The Chemical Engineers are exceptional in their field. The Civil and Electrical Engineers are all excellent. What distinguishes a technical person, makes him stand out, and enables him to move up in management are not always his technical skills, but instead his people and communication skills. People skills trump everything in business. During my travels to field offices of natural gas and oil companies, I have observed that each time a young out of college engineer received a promotion, he did less actual engineering and was required to do other things in management involving people skills for which he has had little training. This presentation offers hints and suggestions for professional people to enhance their chances of promotion by enabling them to improve and to hone their people skills by better communication, better letter writing, and sending out the right signals, etc. The suggestions presented are meaningful, well thought out, and things you can do if you make a serious effort. They were gathered, recognized, and identified during over 50 years spent in our industry all over the world. They are not textbook suggestions. They are not difficult to accomplish, and they are effective. They are mandatory if you really want to excel, to scale the heights, and to break out of the pack.
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