Key Performance Indicators For Reciprocating Engine/Compressors
There are many ways to evaluate the performance of reciprocating engine driven reciprocating compressors. Some metrics are easily calculated, others are more complex. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are often used to quickly indicate the performance against a goal. In the natural gas transportation industry, there are many different types of KPIs used to indicate compressor unit health. Meaningful KPIs for compressor units can allow operators to readily trend operating performance to help minimize fuel consumption, ensure air emission compliance, maximize pipeline capacity, improve reliability, and better manage equipment maintenance outages. This paper explores some of the more commonly used KPIs used for reciprocating engine driven reciprocating compressor units and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The purpose is to attempt to establish common KPIs that can be used throughout the industry and standardize their calculation methods. This paper explores some of the most commonly used metrics and evaluates their applicability and limitations. Four broad types of key performance indicators are discussed; runtime based, performance based, reliability based, and cost based. Applicability and limitations of each metric is discussed. Detailed information on how each metric is calculated is provided. The KPIs are intended to show the overall health of the compressor unit (accounting for both the engine and the compressor) in easy to identify ways. A brief discussion on the required measured parameters, engine/compressor modeling required, and suggested acceptable bounds are also included. While the specific focus in this case is reciprocating engine driven reciprocating compressors, many of these KPIs are directly applicable or adaptable to other types of compressor equipment as well. It is important to adopt standard conventions for the usage of these KPIs if they are to be deployed at a corporate or industry level. Calculating, monitoring, and analyzing these
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