Improved Reliability of License Manufactured GMVH Engines Using Modern Air/Fuel Ratio Control and Automatic Balance
Polish natural gas transmission company GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. has operated French assembled Cooper Bessemer GMVH’s since the early 70’s. Due to robustness, the design has proven itself as a reliable integral engine/compressor becoming the mainstay of the polish natural gas transmission pipeline. Originally, the engines were equipped with French turbochargers, which were subject to rotor speed and compressor discharge pressure limitations. This resulted in very rich settings of the air/fuel ratio curve. The operator had since installed Cameron manufactured turbochargers but had not raised the air/fuel ratio curve. This, coupled with poor engine balance often resulted in the individual cylinders going into detonation and probably pre-ignition. As the engines aged, Gaz-System S.A. was confronted with a decision to either upgrade the engine or move into a new direction installing high speed separable units. The Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) Emissions Reduction for Legacy Engine (ERLE) program supported field demonstration testing of a number of layered technologies to cost effectively reduce engine emissions. When arrayed for a Compliant Operable Reliable Engine (CORE) these same technologies can substantially improve engine reliability, efficiency and operable range while maintaining current emissions levels. To address various operability issues, GAZ-SYSTEM was originally looking for a simple automatic balancing system. Nevertheless it was realized that this would not solve the issue of AFR control, and will not allow for future emission oriented upgrades. Finally a decision was made for implementing TER control, optimized for efficiency, coupled with a pulse width modulated common rail fuel injection system coupled with automatic balancing. This report compares the improvement in engine performance, efficiency, emissions and starting performance before and after the conversion, demonstrating CORE technologies are equally applicable on license manufactures
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