Hybrid Foundation Design for Reciprocating Compressors
This paper presents an overview of Tech Transfer’s Hybrid Foundation design for reciprocating compressor packages. Design of the foundation, skid and compressor package prevents vibration problems typically encountered with complete access for maintenance. The hybrid foundation-skid system was developed to insure low vibration. The foundation is a combination of skid-mounted and block-mounted designs. The foundation-skid system included the following attributes: (1) all vessels were removed from the skid and supported by the foundation, (2) all process piping was removed from the main skid and mounted on standardized piping support skids, (3) skid beams were sized to provide dampening (in lieu of concrete fill) with optimum energy paths for transferring unbalanced forces into the foundation, (4) the foundation was designed to efficiently dissipate all unbalanced forces, and (5) a unique cooler support structure was utilized to reduce vibration of process piping, jack shafts and cooler. This design meets the criteria specified in the new GMRC Guideline for High Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages for Natural Gas Transmission & Storage Applications. The Hybrid Foundation Design has been field proven on packages ranging from 1475 to 3300 HP on Markwest’s compressor station standardization project. During startup, vibration and pulsation readings were taken throughout the operating range. All vibration and pulsation values were well within acceptable guidelines and are presented. 
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