Predicting the Power Loss in Reciprocating Compressor Manifolds (Phase 2
Pressure drop occurring in cylinder gas passages, piping, vessels and pulsation bottles causes extra power to be consumed to deliver a fixed quantity of gas. Worst case scenario: additional power may overload the driver requiring decreasing the compressor load step to reduce the flow. The increase in power and/or reduction in flow creates considerable cost or lost revenue. Therefore, accurate calculation of pressure and power loss is needed to properly size the compressor and driver. Reciprocating compressor systems have highly unsteady flows in the compressor manifold area. The determination of losses due to unsteady flow is a technically challenging and poorly understood phenomenon. Data documenting the accuracy of pressure and power losses for these manifold systems are limited or in some cases not available. The three objectives with this project include: 1. Develop an approach to accurately quantify the power loss in the compressor pulsation control devices in oscillatory (pulsating) flows that can be used by the industry. 2. Determine if the literature values of pressure loss coefficients for various elements in steady flows are valid for pulsating flows; or, if there is a need for adjustments or secondary coefficients 3. Assess pulsation power loss on cylinder performance (PV Card, flow capacity, HP/MMSSCFD). The project will: • Develop an analytical approach to model these losses • Test manifold system components to validate the analytical approach • Analyze test data from a real system to enable industry to more accurately predict compressor manifold pressure losses and associated power costs • Use a world class R&D test facility owned by TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) to test on full scale compressor manifold components using natural gas at pressures experienced in compressor stations The project team involves industry experts and scientists with the necessary experience in fluid flow dynamics, test measurement, pulsation analysis and modeling, and performan
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