GMRC Project Results: Solutions to Mechanical Vibrations on Compressors
This paper summarizes the results of a GMRC project aimed at reducing vibration on reciprocating compressors, which ended in the spring of 2013. Phase 1 of the project was presented at the GMC in 2012. This year the paper will focus on Phase 2 and include research aimed at resolving vibration on suction bottles and scrubbers. The paper will highlight two different product ideas that were designed and tested. One product that was developed and successfully tested is a Vibration Absorber. This device is applicable to scrubbers and piping systems that experience resonant vibration. The second device utilizes damping material to effectively reduce vibration across a wide frequency spectrum. A damper link support was design and tested in the field and shop. Damping is an attractive solution to address situations where resonance cannot be avoided. This GMRC project provides solutions for equipment operators, maintenance and service staff, and equipment packagers. The project team includes members from Dresser-Rand, Cameron Compressors, Ariel Corporation, El Paso, Chevron, Exterran, Boardwalk Enterprises, Compressor Systems Inc., Valerus, and Propak Systems. Beta Machinery Analysis is the research contractor and co-funder involved in this project.
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