Intelligent Engine Future A Look Back to Help Guide the Next Steps
During the last round of NOx retrofits operators began the deployment of “next generation” diagnostics to help drive maintenance, troubleshooting and compliance on these engines that were now operating at stricter emissions levels. In-cylinder diagnostics for compressors and power cylinders had finally progressed enough that operators could use these systems real time and continuous to provide important information as the operation and health of the unit. Just as the automotive industry did decades ago with the deployment of On Board Diagnostics (OBD), the natural gas industry was now using this technology to help awareness for potential health issues that would drive a non-compliant state. This paper will take a brief look at the large scale rollout of this technology in the early 2000’s, and how different operators have used this information over time. The authors will also review different technologies, and the mixed results, that have been “bolted on” in an attempt to create the intelligent engine. Finally the authors will discuss what is a logical future state for this intelligent platform taking into consideration topics such as: compliance, troubleshooting, majority failures, etc.. This paper will also consider if their exist any middle steps that can immediately take advantage of the technology that already exists in modern PLC’s and performance monitoring systems. With over 20 years of emissions compliance and growing importance to compliance verification, the industry is looking for the next steps to ensure compliance, troubleshoot engine operating data. Discussions have been occurring to potentially leverage general knowledge from the automotive market utilizing fault codes to assist operations or technicians on areas that they should turn their attention to for correcting a problem. With this approach it may lead to higher skilled technicians to troubleshoot a problem. With this paper, Dresser-Rand Enginuity will present current emissions gathering and p
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