Impact of Repair Processes of Radial Turbine Nozzle Ring on Turbocharger & Engine Performance
One of the problems facing turbocharger users today is the difference in repair techniques that are available from competing aftermarket or OEM vendors. The effect of trimming the CLARK TLA series nozzle ring length 1/32” from the standard OEM blade length is discussed. The effect of this modification is shown through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and from engine operational data. The CFD model shows that there is a decrease in turbocharger turbine efficiency for the trimmed nozzle ring. This decrease in efficiency was directly related to on-engine operational difficulties. Modeling results for the standard blade and modified blade are reported as well as engine operating data for each case. The end result is the quantification of the effect of certain maintenance practices on turbocharger and, ultimately, engine performance.
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