Impact Measurement as Criteria for Reciprocating Compressors Mechanical Looseness
Data that compares vibration and “impact” measurements on reciprocating gas compressors, which illustrates the difference in these two measurements is presented. Mechanical problems such as looseness, cracked or broken parts, liquids in the process, and other causes, are reliably detected by monitoring the impact that occurs due to these mechanical failures. Recently, there has been significant improvement in the reliability of this measurement as well as a lower cost per point. This paper describes a new Impact Transmitter that uses a patented technique to measure impact severity on reciprocating compressors. The transmitter has a built-in piezoelectric crystal for the impact-sensing element and uses a timing function as part of the severity determination. An impact event counter and memory are used to record events meeting a preset amplitude threshold level. The Impact Transmitter combines the benefits of this measurement with the state-of-the-art 4-20 mA loop powered sensor technology,
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