Application of 500 psi Fuel Management System with Advanced Control Features (Case Study)
High gas pressure fuel injection was installed on a TLA-6 engine in January 2000. The newly developed fuel management system (FMS) uses 500 psi fuel gas pressure to improve in-cylinder mixing. The FMS includes integral fuzzy logic governing, instantaneous power cylinder balancing, fuel gas leak detection and other safety features, as well as self-diagnostics, operator information panel, and a personal computer interface. A “black box” function allows after-the-fact viewing of engine speed and fuel data for the ten seconds prior to any shutdown. Fuel injectors are hydraulically actuated, with pressure furnished by a small engine driven pump. As reported by other investigators, improved fuel-air mixing results in emission reductions and fuel savings. Briefly, with the same air manifold and ignition settings as used for baseline data, the new FMS cut both NOx and CO in half. Specific performance improvements will be presented in the paper.
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