Case Study on the First Commercial High Pressure Fuel Injection Installation
The first commercial installation of High Pressure Fuel Injection (HPFi) for large bore two-stroke engines has now been completed, offering itself as a case study to aid the direction of future emission compliance and O&M based issues. ANR Pipeline selected a Cooper Bessemer 8V-250 at ANR's Madisonville, Kentucky Compressor Station and Enginuity Technologies for the first HPFi retrofit. The HPFi system addresses many emissions and performance concerns, two of which are the ability to reduce emissions and simultaneously improve combustion/engine stability and control to levels that have been previously unattainable. ANR and Enginuity worked closely together to provide the “best fit” solution to all issues encountered with an installation of this type. Many considerations were taken into account during the design and installation phase such as placement of supporting hardware and accessibility to the hardware while still having the ability to perform routine maintenance. These design considerations are standard when designing a system to not only function, but also to be user friendly. Other areas of importance were project management, construction scheduling and minimizing engine downtime.
Price: 195.00