A Comparative Validation of Simulated Compressor Valve Performance with Closed Loop Compressor Test Data
Simulation and testing of compressor elements is a critical step in new product development and component failure evaluation. In an effort to enhance the accuracy of characterizing compressor performance, especially various types of high-speed compressor valves, a closed loop compressor test facility was developed. This paper outlines a collaborative project with the purpose of validating results from a new valve simulation program using high-speed compressor test data from the closed loop facility. A custom valve was designed for this test application using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and proprietary valve dynamics simulation software. This valve and original compressor valves were tested in a nitrogen flow loop at speeds ranging from 600 to 1200 rpm, over a wide range of suction and discharge pressures. A Windrock 6310 Portable Compressor Analyzer was used to record dynamic crank angle speed and position, temperatures, HE and CE cylinder pressures, and suction and discharge line pressures. PT cards from the dynamic analysis were compared at several pressure-speed combinations to determine correlation between simulation predictions and measured performance data. Results of the study show that the simulations correlate well with the measured data, which supports the validity of both the test stand measurements techniques and valve design methodology. The resulting analysis validates both the test stand and valve simulation software as sound tools for future compressor performance studies.
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