ASCE Seismic Requirements for Typical Compressor Packages: Do They Apply?
Seismic risk is a real hazard in many parts of the world including North America, South America, and Asia. In North America, California, Alaska, some areas in the eastern states, and Canada are prone to significant earthquakes. Compressor Packagers and OEMs are often asked to assess the impact of seismic events on their compressor packages destined for these areas. There are two challenges facing packagers when conducting a seismic analysis: 1. determine which areas of the package would be affected by a seismic event (piping, bottles, skid, etc.); and 2. specify the appropriate engineering/vibration analysis required for the application. A seismic study is typically conducted to the requirements of ASCE Standard 7-10 to determine what loads to apply to a package and to evaluate stresses and displacements. The results of a model subjected to the ground motion typical of an earthquake will be presented. Results from a complete dynamic analysis will be compared with those using each ASCE Standard approach to determine their applicability. This paper will review the methods proposed in these Standards and evaluate how the code requirements are applicable to compressor packages.
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