Compressor Cylinder Emissions Reduction Technology
The EPA has determined natural gas and carbon dioxide to be Green House Gasses, as harmful to the environment. Gas containment in the natural gas industry has become a common topic. Infrared cameras are being used to determine sources of leakage and EPA regulations have been developed to control GHG emissions to the atmosphere. The reciprocating compression industry has not sat idle, allowing gas leakage to occur. Great strides have been made in reducing potential emissions. All static sealing locations have been addressed over the years and are not considered locations for emissions today. Dynamic sealing locations, such as the pressure packing case, are improving dramatically with newer ideas and designs. Leakage that does occur can be collected very effectively, for either disposal or re-use. This paper will provide a summary of the improvements made over the years for the static sealing locations, and a look at the improvements being made today with one particular piston rod pressure packing seal.
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