Common Turbocharger Measurement Locations A Way to Compare Like Turbochargers
This paper discusses the results of a research project that investigated common measurement locations on the turbocharger itself. The goal was to find locations that were independent of the particular installations. Using these common locations will permit engine operators to truly compare the operation of two turbochargers of the same make but installed in different locations. The paper presents the computed flow field results into and out of a turbocharger. Along with experimentation, these flow fields were used to identify on an Elliott H-series turbocharger where temperatures and pressures can be measured and corrected to upstream conditions. The corrections are made using correlations developed based on data measured upstream and at the turbocharger itself. The corrected temperatures and pressures, with the addition of estimates of heat transfer from the turbocharger, can be used to estimate the isentropic efficiency. This efficiency monitored over time is an indication of the general health of the turbocharger.
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