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Amarillo Station was placed in service in 1964 with two Cooper Bessemer 8V250 reciprocating compressors (2700 hp each) as the main compression. These units were each controlled by a Cooper pneumatic control system. The station control system was a hybrid mix of pneumatic and electrical components providing capability for remote shutdown from gas control in Jal, New Mexico. Later modifications included replacing the CB5 ignition system with an Altronic CPU II ignition system, installing piping and valving to provide bi-directional pipeline compression, and installing a Reliance A30E PLC for data gathering and remote shutdown of the units from gas control in El Paso, Texas. Due to system complexity, high maintenance requirements for calibration of instrumentation, troubleshooting difficulty, inability to completely monitor all operating data, and inability to find replacement parts, the unit and station control systems were marked for replacement.
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