Solutions to Mechanical Vibrations - Scrubber and Suction Bottle Solutions
The focus of this GMRC project is to address mechanical vibration problems on reciprocating compressor packages. This report covers phase 2 of the project, which emphasized alternative techniques for supporting suction bottles and scrubbers. Phase 1 of the project, which emphasized supports for discharge bottles, was published in June of 2012 Design and fabrication “Best Practices” relating to suction bottles and scrubbers have been included in this report since many vibration problems can be avoided. Often high vibration and failures occur because proven design and manufacturing techniques are not followed. Even if Best Practices are followed, vibration problems can occur in the piping system, especially for challenging applications., In these cases, alternative techniques to control vibration are required. Therefore the focus of this project is to investigate and document new alternative vibration controlling methodologies for suction bottles, piping and scrubbers. Ideally, the solutions would be innovative and not already commonly utilized by the reciprocating compressor industry, and readily available such that they can be implemented in the field on short notice. Two “products” have been designed, tested and evaluated for use in reducing vibration on scrubbers, suction bottles or related piping. A “Vibration Absorber” design was developed and shown to be effective at significantly reducing vibration associated with mechanical resonance. The vibration absorber is easily mounted on small and large diameter vessels, and can be field “tuned” to the desired frequency.
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