Solutions to Mechanical Vibration: Report on Damping Solutions to Address Resonance
Field experience indicates that the majority of vibration problems associated with reciprocating compressors are due to mechanical resonance. Additional damping would be an effective solution to reduce vibration. Currently there is a lack of products to provide support for bottles and piping with adequate damping required to control resonant vibration, and with necessary product information available for the forced response vibration analysis. The compressor industry may be able to utilize damping products or damping solutions that are used in other industries. The purpose of this GMRC project is to quantify the increase in damping and the reduction of system vibration when highly damped components are integrated into reciprocating compressor packages. Simulations and testing have shown that damping is an effective solution to reduce vibration on mechanically resonant compressor systems. Since compressor systems are typically lightly damped (~1%) and associated vibration problems are due to mechanical resonance, a small increase in damping would serve to eliminate many common vibration problems. An increase in system damping to 3-4% would be sufficient.
Price: 195.00