GMRC Research Project: Guideline for Calculation of Power Loss of Compressor Manifolds
This report is intended to be a guide which describes a method for calculating power loss in reciprocating compressor manifolds for the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC). There has been no industry standard approach for calculating power loss for compressor manifolds and other components in a reciprocating compressor system. API 618 provides a guideline for the allowable static pressure drop for compressor manifolds and orifice plates. The static pressure drop is the pressure drop due to mean flow. There is no guideline or calculation method described for calculating power loss considering the effects of pressure pulsations and fluctuating flow that are present in every reciprocating compressor system. The result of this gap in guidance or standard practice has been that some compressor systems have excess power loss that overloads the driver or requires changing the compressor loading resulting in reduced flow. The Flow Energy Method described in this report provides an approach for calculating power loss of compressor manifolds or other components in reciprocating compressor systems. The total power loss is described in simple terms with the following expression
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