Carbon Pollutant Emissions and Engine Performance Trade-Offs vs. NOx Emissions for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines in Gas Transmission Service
The need to establish accurate emissions inventories for reciprocating engine-compressors to assess their contribution to overall emissions generation, and increasing interest in trade-offs between emissions of Nox versus CO, THCs and in particular HAPS, have contributed to heightened interest in “real world” engine emissions, and the associated trade-offs in lean burn engine performance. This creates a strong incentive to collect, collate, and characterize a reliable database which owner/operators can utilize to make informed, cost competitive emissions related decisions. Therefore, engine performance and emissions data from seven industry and client-funded projects encompassing 26 engines of 18 different models typifying two (2SC) and four stroke (4SC) open (OCC) and pre-combustion chamber (PCC) engines in gas transmission service were compiled into a common database. Then, utilizing this database, the trade-offs between NOx and other engine pollutant emissions in addition to engine performance was analyzed.
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