Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Models Operational Excellence by Integrating RCM and Work Management (CMMS)
In an effort to achieve Operational Excellence, Columbia Gas Transmission felt it imperative to capture all the financial and efficiency savings associated with an optimized maintenance process. The variability in their maintenance plans and procedures across seven states had to be eliminated or minimized. This future state of maintenance implementation would be the result of an extremely comprehensive program of integrating RCM with Work Management (CMMS). In this session, Columbia Gas Transmission team managers will present: (1) The steps that led to program acceptance by top corporate management; (2) How Columbia Gas Transmission effectively deals with the culture aspect of implementing a highly technical project; (3) The steps leading to the selection of vendors; (4) How to effectively roll out a seven state RCM program that involves over 250 people; (5) how to establish a measurement benefit program.
Price: 195.00