Comprehensive Computer Model of the Air flow, Combustion Process and Emissions of a Large-Bore, Low-Speed Gas Engine
First, a physical model is described, and the assumptions that are used are outlined. The introduction gives an overview of the project and then the mathematical model describes all the mathematical equations that are used and provides some initial model results. Next, the thermodynamic and heat transfer processes are outlined and described. This includes a detailed description of in-cylinder aair and air/fuel motion. Next the thermochemical model simulates the combustion event and the effect on the performance of the engine is given. The composition of the products of combustion, temperature, and pressure in the cylinder is given by the solution of a set of differential equations utilizing Runge-Kutta method on a fraction of crank angle degree basis. The Zeldovich-Lavoie model for the NOx formation is described as well as the twelve species of combustion product. Next, the graphical output at the end of the paper is described for a simple model, with information given on a degree-by-degree basis. The effect of various combinations of initial parameters is investigated and the result is compared to data from an actual engine. In addition, the model results will be compared to the data obtained from a test engine that is installed in the shop of LCM in Houma, Louisiana.
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