Cost Effective Failure Analysis of Internal Combustion Engines and Related Equipment
From time to time, reciprocating internal combustion engines suffer component and/or system failures resulting in damage to engine components, costly repairs, unscheduled unit downtime, etc. A key means of avoiding such failures, and the associated hard dollar and opportunity costs, is to conduct thorough failure investigations when failures do occur as an investment against further losses due to similar failures in the future. Engineers from AETC have investigated approximately 100 such cases, ranging from relatively simple on-site visual inspections of relatively simple on-off failures to detailed investigations of “class” problems including extensive metallurgical testing, design analysis and field testing. In the process, AETC has developed a comprehensive methodology for successfully and cost-effectively solving failures of reciprocating engines. This short course summarizes this methodology and then offers several case studies of the successful application of the method.
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