Advances in Fundamental Understanding of the Dynamic Sealing Action in Packing Systems
It is well-known that the achievable lifetime of a dry-running piston rod packing seal is significantly dependent on the temperature level the sealing elements are exposed to during operation. Thus, a deeper understanding of the various thermo-physical processes governing the non-lube operation of a packing is crucial for (a) assessing the major influencing factors that give rise to the current application limits of dry-running packings and (b) developing improved packings capable of coping with demanding applications. The approach discussed is targeted at gaining that fundamental understanding of dry running compressor packing, consisting of the creation of a novel theoretical model that accounts for all the complex mass and energy transport phenomena, the design and creation of a test compressor (“multipurpose test compressor”, MPTC) which can be operated and monitored with advanced sensing instrumentation during operation and fundamental investigations into transfer film phenomena, heat transfer and gas transport may be made. In this paper, the simulation model is presented and its predictions are compared to measurements taken on the test compressor.
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