Analysis of Large Bore Gas Engine Instability by the Use of Pressure Sensors in the Cylinder and Manifold
Traditionally the analysis of the operating condition and balance of a large bore gas engine in the field is performed on the basis of simple statistical analysis of combustion pressure. In other industries additional sensor installations and analysis methodologies are often used to perform the same task. These modern analysis techniques have not regularly been applied to the large bore gaseous fuelled engines typically found in the US Gas Pipeline Industry. This presentation will focus on some of these methods to better understand combustion instability. These include intake and exhaust manifold pressure measurements as well as deeper analysis of the combustion pressure trace. Within PRCI’s ERLE 1c Project, extensive measurement data on combustion pressure as well as on intake and on exhaust pressure has been collected. Kistler provided extended sensor equipment and support to that project. The collected data provides the unique opportunity to investigate pressure signals and to correlate calculated parameters to combustion instabilities on these engine types. A variety of different operating conditions were included reflecting stable and unstable operation. The team then analyzed thousands of cycles in the search of sources and consequences of instability on a cylinder level basis. Some points of detailed focus are: associated sensors and instrumentation; testing program and selected operating conditions; statistics and data analysis methods including basic thermodynamic values; presentation of manifold pressure patterns and combustion parameters associated to instabilities; discussion of results and recommendations. The paper will provide an insight into the combustion processes and associated stability issues in large bore gas engines under real operation and will help to improve operational conditions of these kinds of engines. As a continuation of the presentations given at GMC 2004 to 2006, this paper is focusing on possible evaluations of engine operation st
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