Applying Asset Management Measurement Techniques in a Natural Gas Transmission Compressor Station
This is an ongoing project that hopes to provide the gas industry with the methods for making four critical measures to allow Asset Management to be accomplished in a meaningful and measurable way. The four measures are economic impact, life cycle, economic opportunity and risk for each machine in the fleet. Millions of dollars and man-hours have been invested in operating data either crawling in on hand generated logs or streaming in via SCADA. Technology and techniques have existed for years thatwould allow operators to use this mountain of data to get near real-time information. Actual real implementation of such an “integrated system” and the difficulties and results encountered over a two-year period will be discussed here. The operating characteristics of these four units were clearly not understood prior to getting real-time information. Many control system issues were uncovered. This integrated approach employs both existing and newly installed monitoring devices. The real-time calculation of “Profit per Brake Horse Power Hour” and the use of BWR to obtain real time HP/MM are just two of the many techniques used and developed during this period. The implementation of systems that are capable of boiling the mountains of data that is available at modern compressor stations to useable and actionable information is possible today and has implications in the millions of dollars to transmission companies willing to make the leap.
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