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As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, we must enhance our commitment to embracing, respecting, and valuing differences. Working during this uncertain time requires leaders to lean into inclusive leadership principles which support psychological safety and well-being. This webinar will discuss strategies to help leaders lead inclusively in today’s virtual world.
You will learn:
Ways to support an inclusive remote working environment
How to manage unconscious bias and how to create communities of support virtually
Practical tips for protecting mental health
Instructor Information:
Tommi Paris, MPA, CDP, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Southern Company Gas
Tommi Paris is a Certified Diversity Professional, certified through the Society for Diversity, and has almost 10 years of work experience in D&I, employee communications, culture, and engagement initiatives. Tommi is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Southern Company Gas, which was recently awarded the Roosevelt Thomas Champion of Diversity Award by the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity for fostering equal opportunity as well as exhibiting outstanding commitment to diversity. She has responsibility for 9 employee resource groups with 16 active chapters in 4 states. Through creative platforms and engagement activities such as D&I Talks, D&I Days and cultural heritage programs, Tommi creates workplace experiences for employees to elevate their D&IQ in an effort to continuously build an inclusive work environment. Employees who work with Tommi can attest to her level of expertise as she enjoys creating workplace experiences that reveal and reinforce the fact that workplace diversity is an asset to the business; experiences that honor the richness of our stories; and experiences that inspire us to be better together by exploring and applying principles of workplace inclusion. Tommi believes that because you and I spend more than a third of our lives at work, we should spend our time in a place where we are valued for who we are and what we bring to the business. Tommi also referees NCAA Division I women’s college basketball, so she frequently practices conflict resolution and diffusing tension; she considers this one of her superpowers.
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