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"When faced with a crisis, it’s essential to deliver clear, authentic messages to your target audiences and position yourself as a leader. Effective crisis leadership requires well-honed communication skills to keep stakeholders informed and focused. The current COVID-19 crisis has created lots of uncertainty, but on April 9 at 11 am MST / 12 pm CST, three industry communication authorities will share their crisis communication expertise to help the natural gas industry serve their stakeholders, safeguard communities, and build trust. This one-hour live online panel, “COVID-19 Crisis Communication and Building Stakeholder Trust,” will feature a discussion with: Tisha Schuller, Principal of Adamantine Energy, Debbie Schramm, President of Saxum Communication and Suzanne Ogle, APR, IRC, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Southern Gas Association. Moderated by Nicolle Billmyre, Senior Director of Learning and Professional Development, the Southern Gas Association, this webinar will examine: You will learn: Communication tools to respond to the changing, uncertain effects of COVID-19 Establishing your place as a trusted information source both internally and externally How to determine what information to share with stakeholders The importance of keeping your message consistent across platforms and developing a reliable communication cadence"
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