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PHSMA published Phase I of the Gas Mega Rule on October 1, 2019 which includes new requirements for MAOP reconfirmation, the expansion of assessment requirements beyond HCAs and other items related to safety, risk and records. Since these rules are mandated safety requirements, the session will discuss how pipeline operators are implementing new practices and expanding integrity management principals beyond HCAs. The session will include the new requirements for MAOP, TVC and MCAs as well as a process to define objectives and create a plan. PHMSA Compliance Deadlines: An operator must develop and document procedures for completing the MAOP Reconfirmation requirements by July 1, 2021; complete all required actions on at least 50% of pipeline mileage by July 3, 2028; and complete all required actions on 100% of pipeline mileage by July 2, 2035, or no longer than 4 years after the operating condition of a pipeline segment changes subjecting the segment to the requirement to reconfirm MAOP, whichever is later. Learning Objective(s): Examine requirements, define objectives and create a plan. Target Audience(s): Operating company associates at all levels of the organization will benefit from the presentation & interactive discussions. Speaker/Instructor(s): Jeff Wiese (former Director at PHMSA), TRC Companies; Mel Huey, Duke Energy; DeWitt Burdeaux, TRC Solutions
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