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This webinar considers the role of natural gas in a lower carbon economy. We will look at natural gas opportunities and possible impacts on key stakeholders, including energy consumers, infrastructure investors and policymakers.
Further, we’ll examine how natural gas and its requisite infrastructure will be needed and utilized in a lower-carbon economy. Additionally, discussion of current and future technologies for the automation and digitalization of the industry.
A. Gathering, transmission and distribution of natural gas are at the front line of the climate debate, and each sector must have a successful methane management plan to thrive in today’s operating conditions. The most critical tool in managing and reducing methane emissions is not technology - it is demonstrating a true commitment to environmental stewardship with three key elements: people, culture, and relationships. Methane management by definition includes engineering and best practices in operations – but to stop there may be short-sighted. A holistic approach including culture and leadership is critical to the success in reducing or eliminating methane emissions. Gaffney Cline and Associates, an international global oil and gas consultancy, will share best practices in a successful methane management program, including:
Creating and maintaining an employee and leadership culture that values environmental stewardship Demonstrating methane management as a strategic priority Establishing positive, transparent working relationships with critical external stakeholders
B. RNG enhances fuel diversity for natural gas utilities and provides a waste management solution and a new revenue stream for family farmers. Ryan Childress, Director-Gas Partnership Business Development, Gas Infrastructure Group Dominion Energy will discuss the Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods’ joint venture, Align Renewable Natural Gas.
C. Digital Transformation for the natural gas industry – Mosaic’s nation-wide benchmark study provides insight from senior electric, gas, and pipeline leaders concerning the workforce impacts of the continuous evolution the energy industry is experiencing. The study addresses significant changes industry leaders are experiencing and anticipate related to digital and technological transformations; as well as how to build and sustain a skilled and competent workforce.
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