Balanced Compressor in a World of Unbalanced Forces and Couples
The high speeds of rotation required of present day natural gas engines and reciprocating compressors make it increasingly important that all rotating and reciprocating parts be as completely balanced as possible. Bearing loads and stresses in the members are increased by the dynamic forces, which arise from a lack of balance. There is also the possibility that dangerous vibrations may be set up by these forces. The conditions required to provide the best balance cannot always be met, especially in compressors with many stages where reciprocating masses for each crank throw cannot be equalized. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the imbalance that exists. This presentation will address the unbalanced forces and couples, which are important for foundation design. Attendees will learn formulas for determining unbalanced forces and couple and how to use their calculations to size a foundation that will minimize vibration.
Price: 195.00