Advanced Reciprocating Compression Technology (ARCT)
The objective of this research and development project is to develop the next generation of Advanced Reciprocating Compression Technology (ARCT) to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and integrity of pipeline operations through improved compression. The suite of technologies developed during this program will provide pipeline operators with improved choices for new and retrofit applications. The current state of the art is passive and fixed configurations for a specific operating design point. However, compressors infrequently operate at that design point, resulting in an overall reduction in reliability and efficiency. The advanced concepts for ARCT are intelligent compression technologies that monitor operational conditions and automatically adapt internal geometries to tune performance over the full-required operational range. The result is improved performance and enhanced machine integrity for optimized gas throughput. The ARCT program duration is five years with three sequential phases. Each phase will increase the next generation of compression technology. Each phase of the program is organized into five tasks. Each task will address a different compressor subsystem: advanced pulsation control, advanced capacity control, advanced valve technology, advanced sensors and automation, and systems integration and optimization.
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