Computerized Method to Optimally Match Retrofit Turbochargers to Upgraded Engines
The Turbocharger Reciprocating Engine Computer Simulation program (T-RECS) developed at the NGML has been used to match turbochargers to engines for the last few years. The existing T-RECS uses a user-defined compressor and turbine efficiency to conduct the matching process. However, it was perceived that a second generation T-RECS program should include the complete turbocharger map rather than a user-defined efficiency. The objective of this project was to enhance the existing T-RECS algorithm to incorporate information that would fully characterize turbocharger information. The database that provides information to the T-RECS software program has been updated with additional turbocharger characterization parameters for a number of Cooper ET-18 turbochargers. The simulation system includes sub-models of all major components between the inlet filter and the exhaust pipe of the engine. The end result is (1) the enhanced T-RECS software program that was developed at the National Gas Machinery Laboratory at Kansas State University and (2) an updated engine/turbocharger database. The simulation program calls upon the database of system components to allow the user to specify a specific system. While the database in the original edition of T-RECS contained nominal components, the current database includes additional information to determine how a turbocharger will operate and perform on a particular engine. The ET-18 turbocharger was comprehensively tested at the NGML. All the test data collected were then corrected for standard conditions and introduced into the T-RECS database. This paper describes the model development using the tested data to create the ET-18 database. The same method that was used to incorporate the ET-18 turbocharger into the database can be used to likewise incorporate other turbochargers into the database, such as the Globe 1215 Alco series turbochargers, and the HP-090G turbocharger.
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