Case Study: The Revamp of Four 7,000 HP Reciprocating Compressors
Mechanical failures with reciprocating compressors are both a financial burden and a risk to safety. Occidental Permian LTD has four 20-year old 7,000 horsepower six-throw reciprocating compressors which had routinely been experiencing mechanical failures. These failures were in the form of broken crossheads, distance piece stud failures and excessive vibration. By the way of re-cylindering three throws using modern designs, Dresser-Rand and Occidental Permian LTD were able to eliminate the mechanical failures that had plagued these compressors for years. As a result of this project, these compressors are not only more reliable but also compressing an additional 15% more gas. This project is a perfect example of how a good end user/OEM relationship can result in improved reliability and increased productivity.
Price: 195.00